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Florida Commercial Property Insurance Attorneys

As a business owner, commercial property insurance protects the land, buildings, machinery, inventory, and other property that keeps your business going. However, when disaster strikes some insurance companies will deny claims, delay payment, or undervalue the damage in order to avoid compensating you for the coverage that you paid for. Denying or delaying claims for a commercial property insurance policy can be just as devastating as the catastrophe itself, and without someone to fight for you, your business could suffer. At MacKinnon Law Group we have been representing commercial property insurance claimants for years on a variety of issues regarding their commercial property claims. Let us help you get the full compensation that you deserve so that you can get your business back on track.

Types of Commercial Property Insurance Claims

Many different types of catastrophes and incidents fall under the basic commercial property insurance policy. We have helped multiple clients get full coverage for their commercial property claims that have included the following issues:

  • Business interruption;
  • Commercial renters/tenants;
  • Building code violations;
  • Crime;
  • Glass and debris removal;
  • Mechanical breakdown;
  • Inland marine;

…and many other issues that arise with commercial property insurance claims.

Commercial Property Law in Florida

Commercial property insurance is defined the same as general property insurance under Florida law, and therefore commercial insurance contracts are covered under Chapter 627 of the Florida statutes. The Florida Insurance Code also dictates the requirements of the insured and insurers for any insurance contract, including commercial policies. An experienced commercial property insurance attorney knows the statutes regarding commercial property insurance and will be able to help you get the full coverage that you deserve under the law.

Why You Need a Commercial Property Insurance Attorney

Commercial property insurance contracts are lengthy and complex legal documents. A knowledgeable commercial property insurance attorney knows the subtleties of the insurance contracts, insurance law, and can advocate for all of your rights within the policy.

Insurance companies make up all kinds of reasons for why your claim should be denied.

Typically, the insurers claim one of the following:

  • The policy did not cover that type of damage;
  • You made a fraudulent claim;
  • Your policy was canceled before the claim was made;

…and other reasons for denying coverage.

Some insurance companies simply do not have a good explanation for denying coverage and are acting in bad faith. An attorney can help you fight these allegations made by the insurance companies and get you the coverage that you need.

Florida Commercial Property Attorneys Can Help

Getting coverage under your commercial property insurance policy can mean the difference between being in or being out of business. When a claim is denied it often leads to a business closing up shop because it simply does not have the funds to rebuild on its own. If you or someone that you know has a commercial property insurance claim that has been denied in the Tampa or greater Florida area, let us know at the MacKinnon Law Group. We know the law regarding commercial property insurance claims and can work to get you the full and fair compensation that you deserve. Call or contact us today for a free and confidential consultation of your case. We promise to be with you from the beginning and fight for the coverage that you have earned.

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