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We guide you through
the steps of dealing with
an emergency situation.

We're here for you now.

Sinkhole damage is difficult
to diagnose. We help you
figure it out.

We're here for you now.

Whether your home is smoke-
damaged or ruined, you need
to know that you are covered.

We're here for you now.

It pays to know the difference
between flood damage and
water damage.

We're here for you now.

We encourage reasonable
settlements and fight hard
in court when necessary.

We're here for you now.

Florida Attorneys Experienced in Property Damage and Personal Injury Insurance Claims

Get your claim paid promptly and completely

BalanceDisaster hits. Your house is ruined, your property is damaged, or you are injured. You need help now. This situation is precisely the reason that you have insurance, but now that you need it, the insurance company is dragging its feet or finding some reason to deny your claim. The attorneys at MacKinnon Law Group can help.

MacKinnon Law Group, P.A. is a Tampa-based law firm serving consumers and businesses throughout Florida and beyond who have suffered property damage or a personal injury and are having difficulty getting the insurance company to pay the claim appropriately. We help residential and commercial property owners with home, fire, flood and other property and casualty insurance, as well as holders of home and auto policies with personal injury claims.

Skilled and knowledgeable lawyers with you from the start to the settlement of your claim

At MacKinnon Law Group, P.A., we are there for the client and with you from the very beginning. We can help you evaluate your loss and prepare and submit the appropriate claim, and we are your voice through the finalizing of your claim with the insurance carrier. If your claim is denied or the proper measure of benefits is not paid, we take the necessary steps to obtain coverage for your loss. While our goal is to achieve a satisfactory resolution at the earliest possible stage, we do not hesitate to take the matter to court when litigation is the best course for seeing to it that you get the benefit of the insurance you paid for.

The law firm to turn to when disaster strikes

We have helped clients throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast states with hurricane damage, wind damage, flood damage and more. When Hurricane Sandy struck the Atlantic coast, we lent our expertise to help the people of New Jersey recover from the devastation. As experienced Florida attorneys, we are particularly adept in dealing with sinkhole claims, including denied claims, home and property damage, sinkhole repair and selling damaged homes. From smoke damage to construction defects to auto accidents and personal injury claims, our firm is here for you when you need us.

For insurance coverage disputes or bad faith insurance claims, or to make sure you get the benefits of your residential or commercial property insurance policy, contact MacKinnon Law Group, P.A. in Tampa at 813-751-0293 or toll-free at 800-990-9924, or contact us online. We speak both English and Spanish, offer a free initial consultation and are available to speak with you after hours in the evenings or on weekends. When disaster strikes, you need answers now, and our lawyers are here for you.

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